Joseph M.

"We were on the hunt for a new vehicle to add to our family due to our other car was totaled out on Nov 6 of 2023, we found a beautiful Caddilac listed on the website that we fell in love with the moment we saw it. Mike immediately got us approved and within 2 hours we left with our Caddilac. The Burgio team was amazing to deal with they treat you like family and make the buying a car process quick and easy. Mike was very friendly the moment we got there telling us about the car we were about to purchase with no pressure to take it unless we were happy. We are very happy we crossed paths with Mike and Ray we are for sure customers for life. Thank you Mike and Ray Burgio is a fine Car Dealership customers can trust."

Diane C.

"My husband and I have been buying cars from his dad first and then Ray for about 30 years and have never got a bad deal. Ray and Lexi treat us like family we even bought our son's first car from them, Glen and Mike are fantastic. It is so nice to have a honest, reliable and trustworthy place to buy a car that doesn't cost an arm and leg, love my new SUV that we just got thanks for being so awesome"

Cam W.

"We drove from 3 hours away to Burgio Motors because we saw a vehicle we were interested in and we were impressed with their reviews. So glad we took that chance. We had dealings with Mike while checking out the truck we were interested in. Mike is awesome and down to earth. We also had the pleasure of meeting the owner Ray who was also awesome. We were very happy with the truck we came to check out and felt truly comfortable with Mike and Ray. It has been a couple months now and we are so glad we took that long drive because we came home with an awesome truck. Thank you both Mike and Ray!"


"Although I've bought my share of cars, this experience was by far the best I've ever had! Mike & Ray are amazing! These men treat you like family. They are fair, honest & genuine. They gave me above market trade in value for my car & a great price for my new car! I highly recommend them & will definitely go back when in the market for another vehicle."

Josh T.

"I asked for a vehicle that would get me to work and train my son how to drive. I got much, much more. I got a reliable vehicle and was treated like family. During the walk around of the car, Raymond explained every detail and function without being asked to do so. He then told me to call him if there were any issues what so ever and he would take care of it. I have had no issues, but would feel comfortable calling if I did. Great product, family environment, what more could you ask for. Thank you!!!!!"


"This is Jennifer. Iu2019ve had my car for maybe 3 years and I love it. Itu2019s a l 2006 Subaru Tribeca B9. u2026 Ray and mike and everybody that works there just so so nice they treat you so well almost like your family anyways my daughter pulled out a vehicle. I think itu2019s a 2015 Ford fusion she just loves it she canu2019t believe how nice they are. I told her I told you, so yeah they are awesome, they are just awesome. Thereu2019s no other word. Thank you so much for everything that youu2019ve done for me and my daughter"

Madison G.

"This dealership is one that truly cares about their customers. I bought a Subaru back in mid November and after 3 weeks of driving it, i started to hear a clunking noise coming from the front end. I brought it back into Burgio, and they fixed not only the front end, but also my horn! Mike took great care of us as well as the owner. Definitely will be buying all of my vehicles here from now on. So thankful for this great company!"

Cory G.

"Good dealership! I worked with Glenn and let him know I would be flying from Minneapolis to drive the vehicle back. The process was pressure-free and very easy going. Upon arrival there were some cosmetic/interior things that were not disclosed, however in the price point offered you wonu2019t be looking at showroom condition. Made the 1,000+ mile drive no problem! I recommend to anyone in the area."

Anthony M.

"My wife and I drove a little over 2.5 hours to go look at a vehicle. We were greeted and taken care of my Glenn. The initial vehicle we wanted didn't work out for us AT NO FAULT of Burgio Motors...but they went above and beyond to help us out with another vehicle. They are friendly and will do all they can to help get you into a vehicle that you want. We weren't pressured and they didn't turn us away at any time. Thank you all at Burgio Motors, especially Glenn!"

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